The hard balance between a short shelf life and low drug waste

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A product's shelf life is a central part of every clinical trial. In some situations, shelf lives can become a problem for clinical supply chain managers, especially when the are short. One of our recent partners was about to start a trial with a drug that would only have 12 months of self life and they were struggling to asses the impact of this short expiry date on their planning decisions.

With the help of N-SIDE's solutions, our client analyzed multiple strategies that would make the clinical supply chain more efficient despite this short self life while keeping the drug waste under control. Overall, the overage of the trial fell below 80%, saving more than $6.7M in unnecessary manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and shipments. 

Read the case study now to see how this was feasible and understand how the supply chain team was able to influence decisions outside of their scope thanks to data-driven decisions


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