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Optimization services for the
clinical trial supply chain

Our team of experts in clinical supply and manufacturing optimization helps pharma companies
make better strategic decisions, mitigate risks, manage crisis situations and optimize processes.



“If you’re a small startup that really doesn’t have the in-house expertise, N-SIDE provides a great group of consultants who can bring
knowledge in. They know what questions to ask. They know what suggestions to make.”

Michael Sparozic Global Supply Chain Director, Immunovant

Clinical supply & manufacturing services

N-SIDE experts help optimize hundreds of trials and programs of all indications and sizes each year. Leverage their experience to find innovative, therapeutic area-specific solutions to your clinical supply chain challenges.

With N-SIDE professional services, you’ll be able to leverage 100% of the potential of the N-SIDE solutions, with or without an IT implementation of our software.

Whether you have a single Phase 3 trial with an expensive comparator, a complex dose escalation trial, a program with scarce drug availability, a drug shortage crisis, or another challenging situation, you can rely on N-SIDE to quickly deliver optimal solutions that don’t require overhauling internal processes or IT architecture.



Clinical trial
supply planning
and optimization services

Clinical supply

Access the best optimization services the industry can offer and reduce your drug needs and budgets by 20-40% (compared to forecasting solutions) while avoiding any risks of missed dispensing.

N-SIDE delivers optimized supply plans, drug waste levels, depot shipment recommendations, and IRT configuration, along with reliable and robust forecasts. We also provide a monitoring dashboard to anticipate any risk and machine learning to adapt your supply strategy to real-time events.



Trial design

The earlier the optimization, the larger the impact. Even with just a protocol outline or draft, you can benefit from the power of optimization.

N-SIDE will help you optimize your trial and bring a supply chain perspective to trial design. We’ll assess the impact of protocol design, kit design, country selection, network design, vendor specifications, and more. Through KPIs and factual support, N-SIDE will help Supply reach an agreement with ClinOps on a trial design that does not make the supply chain a bottleneck and achieves a faster, less risky, and less wasteful trial.

These services typically reduce drug needs and budgets by up to 60%.

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Drug shortage and

An important release is delayed. There’s a global shortage of a comparator. Recruitment went faster than planned. Pandemics, politics, or natural disasters are putting your patients’ supply at risk.

If you encounter a risk of drug stockout or missed dispensing in your trial, N-SIDE can help. Within days, we’ll identify and quantify the risk then propose innovative solutions to mitigate it, ensuring smooth trial continuity and zero patient impact.

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Manufacturing planning
& optimization services

Production planning optimization

N-SIDE experts can help you optimize all steps of manufacturing and drug flow (e.g. quantities, timing, allocation) across the clinical supply chain, from formulation to packaging and beyond.

Adapt your manufacturing to real-time events, manage risks, and plan up to 10 years out. If you have scarce resources, a complex manufacturing network, or a large amount of products, this service delivers valuable visibility, control, and waste reduction.

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Strategic manufacturing
decisions optimization

Many important decisions need to be made in R&D manufacturing/CMC. Outsourced or in-house manufacturing? Which network should I use? What’s the optimal stability plan? What’s the best way to handle scale-up to Phase 3 and the transition to commercial?

N-SIDE clinical manufacturing specialists will use our software to optimize the most important strategic decisions for your program, delivering important cost savings and waste reduction.




Change management

Transitioning to a digital, data-driven clinical supply chain requires more than technology; it demands adaptation throughout the business.

N-SIDE experts will support your change management journey, starting with a clear vision associated with measurable added value for R&D efficiency.

Keeping this purpose in mind, N-SIDE will help your teams take advantage of advanced analytics to become a truly data-driven organization.



End-to-end program optimization

By optimizing manufacturing for the entire clinical program and optimizing supply for each individual trial, we can typically free up to 50% of the initially planned quantities and accelerate time to commercialization by 2-6 months.

We accomplish this by reducing drug needs at the trial level and limiting manufacturing waste. That enables us to either cancel production lots and re-allocate the resources to new programs, or to re-invest that drug into increased sites and recruitment speed.



support services

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Implementing the Supply App,
Lighthouse, or the entire N-SIDE

Implementation support needs differ
depending on your project and internal
resources. N-SIDE provides tailor-made
implementation and change
management services to help you
realign your processes and reduce time
to value.

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N-SIDE offers comprehensive training
to onboard your team to our tools and
technologies. There are different
training tracks for the different roles
that will interact with the N-SIDE software.

Training sessions are led by N-SIDE
experts who bring different concepts to
life through hands-on exercises and
explanations of case studies.

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In addition to structured training
sessions, N-SIDE experts are also
available for one-on-one coaching.

Use this time to ask specific questions
about N-SIDE software and apply what
you learned in training to your own

Benoit David Senior Expert

Benoit drives strategic production planning optimization projects, as well as some incubation initiatives in close partnership with pharma partners.

Linda Holler Consultant

Linda provides coaching and training to engage users and facilitate the successful implementation of the N-SIDE software.

Diogo Ribeiro Head of Implementation Services

Diogo supports key U.S. N-SIDE partners in their digital transformation journey towards end-to-end supply chain optimization.

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