Easy and accurate clinical supply planning

With N-SIDE Lighthouse you can navigate your forecasting and planning to supply your patients with confidence.

A single platform for your entire trial portfolio, no matter the complexity.

Monitor and mitigate risks efficiently, while satisfying 100% of your patient demand.


Experience stress-free and reliable planning

  • Have the power to respond quickly to changing situations
  • Be ready for different scenarios
  • Plan your next actions confidently with smart recommendations, including depot resupply, IMP and comparator orders
  • Guarantee ideal resource utilization with inventory checks and lot pooling capabilities

Gain more control and visibility with an integrated in-house solution

  • Model your trials autonomously in under 3 minutes with intuitive trial design capabilities
  • Track your performance with KPIs and seize opportunities to reduce waste
  • Create a comprehensive view of your trial portfolio and inspire collaboration across all levels
  • Quickly view and share reports with visual dashboards

Start making clinical supply forecasting and planning easy for your organization




Our integration capabilities, including APIs, allow for fluid data exchange and a seamless experience. Leverage our tools to deliver a unified and efficient way of working for your business.



We proudly hold the certification for ISO 27001 standards, attesting to our commitment to maintain robust information security practices. This compliance framework guarantees that your data is managed with the utmost care and diligence.

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Manage all your trial supply planning in a single, powerful solution