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Empowering life sciences companies to accurately monitor and manage all supply risks for all their clinical trials

N-SIDE introduces Lighthouse, innovative software to shape the future of worldwide clinical trial supply management

Lighthouse will double the amount of active clinical trials managed by N-SIDE to 1,400 within 3 years

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The hard balance between a short shelf life and low drug waste

A product's shelf life is a central part of every clinical trial. In some situations, shelf lives can become a problem for clinical supply chain managers,...

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Saving a trial from running into drug shortage

Although our solutions are ideally used proactively before the start of a trial to ensure a smooth sailing through the trial's lifecycle, we are sometimes called...

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The challenges of a cell & gene therapy supply chain

Designing high-performance, risk-controlled, and scalable cell & gene supply chains with a digital twin [PART 1] - The challenges of a cell & gene therapy supply...

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Dream big, start small

"How to plan for success in early phase clinical trials" Forecasting and optimization are often associated with big pharmaceutical companies, ambitious R&D...

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Why should you consider investing in optimization?

"When you say ROI, do you mean return on investment or risk of inaction?" Regarding new technologies, human decision-making is a complicated phenomenon. This is...

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Unlock the hidden value

"How best in class biopharma companies have reduced their drug waste by 50%" Did you know that the estimated waste level of packaged material in the industry is...

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Everything is the same, except for the differences

“Clinical Supply Forecasting, Simulations or Optimization? Let me tell you what’s what.“ Over the years, the increasing complexity of trial design has made...

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Decrease clinical trial supply chain waste even more with the N-SIDE Supply App refined algorithm

On average, between 55-75% of drugs are wasted in clinical trials. Overproduction has historically been accepted in clinical supply and manufacturing processes...

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