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Interview to the members of the N-SIDE Supply App Development Team - Featured image

Get to know the N-SIDE Supply App Development Team!

Interview by N-SIDE’s Life Sciences Marketing Coordinator, Doménica Torres.

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How AI & Machine Learning Are Improving Clinical Trial Forecasting

Clinical trials are becoming more complex. New types of therapy like biologics and personalized medicine, as well as treatments targeting rare diseases, create...

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What is clinical trial supply optimization?

Clinical trial supply optimization is the process of supplying the right amount of investigational medicinal product (IMP) and comparators to all trial sites so...

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Optimize comparator sourcing in clinical trials by reducing overage

Defining a cost-effective comparator sourcing strategy has become one of the biggest clinical trial sourcing challenges.

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Webinar: prevent unforeseen bottlenecks in your clinical supply chain

Our clinical supply chain webinar at a glance: Watch our webinar and learn how to take a proactive approach in identifying improvements to your...

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Optimize clinical trials manufacturing with lot sizing

Lot sizing in clinical trials manufacturing can save more than you think! Manufacturing lot sizes are often considered as a given constraint when it comes to...

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International Day of Women and Girls in Science: N-SIDE celebrates the daily commitment of its female colleagues!

On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are especially proud to celebrate the daily commitment of our female colleagues to helping N-SIDE...

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How to Reduce the Risk of a Drug Shortage in Your Clinical Trial

Drug supply shortages are one of the biggest challenges in clinical trial supply management. They’re also unsettlingly common: In a poll conducted by N-SIDE, 83%...

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How digitalization helps companies overcome manufacturing challenges

Digital transformation has been spreading throughout industries and pharmaceutical companies are no exception. The development of the recent COVID-19 vaccine is...

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