N-SIDE is a game changer in clinical supply chain

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Donokhon Abulkasimova

N-SIDE's strategic partnership with Sanofi, aimed at optimizing Sanofi’s clinical trial supply chain has been highlighted by Arnaud Dourlens, Sanofi’s Head of Clinical Supply Chain Operations and Sébastien Coppe, N-SIDE’s VP of Life Sciences in the latest Sanofi digital report and several industry magazines. In this exclusive interview, Coppe explained how leveraging data & AI can streamline clinical plans: accelerate trials, mitigate risks and curb waste. 

Sanofi started a strategic partnership with N-SIDE five years ago to digitalize their clinical supply chain. This has led to impressive outcomes for their supply chain efficiency. Dourlens emphasized: "From an integration and cost-optimisation viewpoint, digital healthcare is also important. Today, nobody is able to run a full supplier clinical trial, end-to-end, without any partners."  

"We have started working with N-SIDE quite early on the optimization of clinical supplies. Leveraging N-SIDE solutions and machine learning analysis helps optimize both early phase - protocol design, and all the way through to distribution." says Arnaud Dourlens

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Pharma companies of all sizes use the N-SIDE solutions, an intelligent SaaS solution, to avoid supply chain bottlenecks, minimise waste, control costs, reduce time-to-market, speed up the initiation of new trials, manage production plans, monitor supply chain strategy for ongoing trials, and support commercial launches.  


"N-SIDE has been building extensive expertise over the past 20 years in empowering supply chain management in clinical development through advanced analytics and AI,” says Sébastien Coppe, N-SIDE

"In our partnership with Sanofi, we focused on three pillars to bring very high levels of efficiency in their clinical supply chain, and move towards an intelligent digital twin." explains Coppe

Digital twin concepts are increasingly applied to clinical supply chain management. N-SIDE provides three key ingredients of a digital twin for the clinical supply chain: 

  1. Strategic supply chain planning based on accurate modelling of the R&D supply chain. As a direct consequence, it allows the optimisation of any trial design to reduce uncertainty in patient demand before the study starts.

  2. Implementation of a global supply chain strategy. AI algorithms allow perfect alignment between clinical demand and supply chain needs, leading to reduced waste in the supply chain.

  3. Real-time monitoring to proactively identify any gaps in the clinical forecasts as the trials progress and to discover unknown trends - for instance, patients staying longer on an oncological treatment - thanks to AI algorithms. This is where machine learning techniques allow you to reevaluate clinical assumptions, leveraging real-time data to provide an intelligent feedback loop during the trial.

This empowers a highly efficient clinical supply chain, both in terms of low global waste and supply chain risk.


This empowers a highly efficient clinical supply chain, both in terms of low global waste and supply chain risk.


“Globally, when you consider what happened during and after the Covid pandemic, we've seen a lot of good changes backed up by AI technology, leading to faster clinical development activity,” says Coppe.


Read the full Sanofi digital report HERE 

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