End-to-end clinical trial supply chain visibility and optimization

Enable ambitious clinical plans through an optimal supply chain.

What is the N-SIDE Suite?

The N-SIDE Suite is a game-changing SaaS platform supported by a team of industry-leading experts.

Leveraging advanced optimization algorithms and forecasting techniques coupled with cutting-edge analytics, this centralized platform powers the clinical supply chain, supporting strategic decision making, operations, and enhanced monitoring at both the trial and program levels.

Pharma companies of all sizes use the N-SIDE Suite to avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain, minimize waste, control costs, reduce time-to-market, speed up the initiation of new trials, manage production plans, monitor supply chain strategy for ongoing trials, and support commercial launches.

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“In a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, simulations and forecasting are creating a tactical clinical supply chain, ensuring that each patient gets their medication on time.”

The N-SIDE Suite is an end-to-end solution consisting of the Supply App for risk-based clinical supply optimization, the Production App for building and maintaining an optimal manufacturing strategy, and a comprehensive slate of expert services.

The N-SIDE Suite supports any clinical program, regardless of size or complexity.

N-SIDE Suite benefits

Optimize continuously

Find optimal strategies for IRT and vendor requirements, sourcing, pack design, depot resupply, and more, and adapt your supply and manufacturing to real-time events.

Minimize waste

Reduce drug waste using risk-based optimization to plan your supply strategy and safely minimize overage.

Reduce stress

Through robust models, reliable monitoring, and expert services, N-SIDE helps you stay in control of your trials and drug production so you can shift your focus to more high-value activities.

Accelerate innovation

Use the N-SIDE Suite to reduce the time to market of your products by optimizing all aspects of the supply chain and eliminating bottlenecks.

Communicate efficiently

Get all stakeholders involved in a trial or clinical program on the same page by providing facts to support decisions and ensuring alignment between the clinical vision and the supply implementation.


Achieve true clinical trial supply optimization.

The N-SIDE Supply App is the only solution that adds a risk-based optimization approach to clinical supply forecasting.

The Supply App helps pharma companies optimize their supply chains throughout the trial lifecycle. Make data-driven decisions about overage, packaging, sourcing, IRT setup, depot shipments, and more, all 

while measuring the precise impact of these decisions on patient service level and budgets.

With over 10,000 trials optimized and counting, the Supply App can be used to design and optimize any trial of any size and complexity.

  • 20-50% overall cost savings
  • 20-40% cost reduction of comparator sourcing
  • Improved cross-departmental communication
  • 20-60% drug waste reduction
  • 100% patient service level
  • Reduced stress
  • 0 trials on pause due to a drug shortage


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Optimize end-to-end production planning from DS to IMP.

The N-SIDE Production App gives you unprecedented flexibility to optimize manufacturing for your clinical projects, from drug substance (DS) to drug product (DP) to investigational medicinal product (IMP).

Use the Production App to build and maintain an optimal clinical production plan that accounts for your specific constraints. Respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected changes with what-if scenarios.

The Production App enables data-driven decision making and enhanced communication between teams for each project in your portfolio.

More than a software product, the Production App is supported by expert services from the leading minds in clinical supply chain optimization.

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  • 10-40% waste reduction at manufacturing
  • 100% trial demand satisfaction
  • Optimized strategic manufacturing decisions
  • 2-6 months reduction in time to market
  • Optimized program manufacturing plan
  • Budget reduction
  • Enhanced scenario planning
  • Increased agility

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Expert services for any situation

N-SIDE offers comprehensive services to help clients make the most of our software and improve clinical supply chain management overall. 

Take advantage of our experts’ experience optimizing thousands of trials to find innovative solutions to your clinical supply chain challenges.

Whether you need help implementing and training users on N-SIDE products, you want N-SIDE to take the lead on a clinical supply chain optimization project, or you need support driving analytics and proactive decision making to the heart of your operations, N-SIDE has a solution for you.

  • Risk-based clinical trial supply optimization
  • Trial design optimization
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Comparator sourcing budget reduction
  • Strategic manufacturing decisions
  • Program manufacturing planning
  • Program timelines optimization
  • Product implementation
  • User training

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Leverage 20+ years of experience.

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