Clinical trial supply management solution

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Achieve true clinical trial supply optimization

The N-SIDE Supply App is the only solution that adds a risk-based optimization approach to clinical supply forecasting.



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20-50% overall cost savings

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20-40% cost reduction of comparator sourcing


20-60% drug waste reduction

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100% patient service level

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Reduced stress

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Improved cross-departmental communication

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0 trials on pause due to a drug shortage

Unlock data-driven trial supply management

The Supply App helps pharma companies optimize their supply chains throughout the trial lifecycle. Make data-driven decisions about overage, packaging, sourcing, IRT setup, depot shipments, and more, all while measuring the precise impact of these decisions on patient service level and budgets.

With over 12,000 clinical trials optimized and counting, the Supply App can be used to design and optimize any trial of any size and complexity.

Want help? The expert team at N-SIDE can support your trial optimization project and ensure you get the most out of these powerful tools.

Get actionable supply insights.

Trial Design

1 Even before the protocol is finalized, the Supply App quantifies the impact of strategic decisions. This data helps you make optimal decisions about protocol, kit design, country selection, and other factors, while keeping site and patient centricity. From the beginning, play a crucial role in building a supply friendly trial design. 

Use the Supply App to help create a common language throughout your company order to proactively find the most effective solutions for the inevitable uncertainty in your trial.
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Trial Plan


The Supply App gives you all the tools you need to create a clear strategy and action plan. Using advanced analytics, the Supply App helps you make optimal decisions that minimize waste, costs, and risks.

Outcomes at this stage include:

  • Optimized packaging and sourcing campaigns
  • Optimized depot resupply strategy
  • Optimized IRT configuration
  • Reliable forecasts for inventories, shipments, patient demand, and more
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Trial Monitoring


The Supply App doesn’t just help plan for unexpected circumstances before the trial — it helps you monitor and respond to them as they arise.

While the trial is ongoing, the Supply App uses machine learning to re-evaluate assumptions about recruitment, demand, drop-out, titrations, weight, and other factors, and to continuously optimize the supply chain strategy based on real-time data.

Meanwhile, monitoring dashboards provide complete visibility into the day-to-day progress of the trial and quickly identify where attention is needed.

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Trial supply management

The Supply App supports day-to-day clinical trial supply activities with an optimal supply plan, demand forecasts, depot resupply strategy, IRT settings optimization, and more.

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Risk management

The Supply App is the only clinical supply management solution that performs accurate risk assessment of trials before they begin. Continuously optimize your trial supply chain strategy based on advanced risk analysis to ensure continuity and a 100% patient service level while minimizing costs and timelines.

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Strategic insights

The Supply App provides actionable insights that help make trial designs more supply-friendly. You give all stakeholders, including study coordinators, a seat at the table with an up-to-date, accurate source of KPIs.


“With the help of the monitoring dashboards from the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials, as a trial supply manager, I know precisely the status of my trials. I am empowered to manage supplies for my trials efficiently while proactively managing risk.”

Julie Pencole Clinical trial supply manager and N-SIDE Supply App key user and expert

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