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1. How are simulations and optimization used by N-SIDE different from forecasting?

Simulations are the only way to model the inherent uncertainty of clinical trials. By running thousands of simulations, the results provide a robust model of the trial’s future. This includes a min – max threshold for all simulated forecasts (demand, recruitment, etc.)

The supply chain strategy is then optimized based on simulated events. This optimization ensures that the chosen strategy covers any unexpected event while minimizing waste and cost. The results also provide you with a future risk analysis per location, so you know exactly where and for how long your supply strategy is safe.

Forecasting, on the other hand, will typically aggregate demands and ask you to enter an overage. This makes it impossible to know what your strategy covers, and impossible to perform risk assessment.

2. What is the return on investment of using optimization?

From a cost perspective, the ROI is extremely important. We have observed that budget reductions and drug savings end up ranging from 20 to 100+ times the cost of our solution or services. And even much more if your trials use expensive products or comparators.

But the ROI should also be measured in terms of an absence of risk in the supply chain, time savings in planning, proactive reacting to real-life events, positive ecological impact and guaranteed faster timelines towards commercialization.

3. I have ideas for new features or apps for the N-SIDE solutions. Can we co-develop them?

Yes, all our apps were co-developed with our partners in order to answer precisely a real market need. New features and dashboards are added regularly to our solutions based on users’ suggestions and requirements. 

If you have a specific need and/or an idea for an app, you can always contact the N-SIDE Incubation team who will be available to discuss the project and design, together with you, a working prototype.

4. Can I test your solution and services before selecting N-SIDE as a partner?

N-SIDE generally offers the possibility for a pilot project to be modelled in our solution so that future users can assess the system’s user friendliness, navigation and the impact of optimization on one of their own projects before making a decision.
Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.

5. Are N-SIDE clinical trial solutions suited for smaller biopharmas?

Absolutely. We know that at smaller biopharmas, budgets, manufacturing capacity or time can be scarce resources. Combined with that, you have the important objective of bringing your innovative drug to market and patients ASAP. N-SIDE’s solutions are the right choice to help biopharmas reach that goal, supply patients, reduce costs and allocate resources as efficiently as possible.

6. Do I need to implement software in order to benefit from optimization?

No, an IT implementation is not needed. At N-SIDE, we know that finding the time to implement and train users can be a challenge, especially for smaller organisations. N-SIDE has a team of experts in clinical supply chain optimization who can provide optimization services with or without you implementing our software. Our packages are as flexible as you need them to be. 

We are always available to support you on a specific project, like your first phase 3, the proof of concept of a new program, or a program using a particularly expensive comparator. Please reach out to us for a quick assessment of the value that optimization could bring to your project. 

7. Do you have integrations with other systems?

N-SIDE’s solutions currently have integrations with IRT systems to use blinded real-time trial data to perform machine learning and monitoring on an ongoing trial. We also have integrations with your inventory management system to retrieve current stocks. 

We are currently developing integrations with other internal ERP and operational tools or databases in order to easily exchange data between systems and ensure an end-to-end data flow. These developments will be released throughout the year 2021.

8. How is quality managed at N-SIDE?

At N-SIDE, quality is very important to us. Therefore, N-SIDE has developed a quality management system (QMS) that is a consistent set of documents and controls covering main business activities and operations, including standard operating procedures. It aims at grouping and organizing reference docs and information globally applicable and usable by anybody at N-SIDE. We continuously improve quality through a process management system that enables each employee to do their job right the first time and every time in a safe and stimulating work environment. We are committed to maintaining effective processes and policies and supporting them with the best practices and guidelines from the industry.

9. How does N-SIDE ensure the security of our services?

At N-SIDE, we take security very seriously. We know that security is not the concern of a single department or role but of everyone in the company. Therefore, we are putting in place all the required technical, operational, and organizational means to ensure the appropriate level of security at any time and at all levels covering

  • Access Control, Secrets, and Keys Management
  • Change Control, Risks, and Vulnerability Management
  • Information Security and Privacy Management

N-SIDE completes awareness and training campaigns for all employees and contractors to promote best practices on how to identify, report, and manage security threats. 

We regularly run independent security audits and penetration tests performed by external third-party providers.

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