N-SIDE & AstraZeneca collaborate to reduce trial's cost and drug waste

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Mégane Noirfalise

Earlier this year, N-SIDE's Alexis Davin and Antoine Remiot teamed up with AstraZeneca's Britta Claesson to present an interesting case study during the annual Arena International Clinical Trial Supply Nordics event.

Optimization during trial design helps reduce drug waste

In this case study, the team talks about:

  • The most impactful drivers of waste
  • AstraZeneca's journey
  • The Trial Design Thinking Process applied to an oncology trial

Throughout their collaboration, N-SIDE and AstraZeneca worked together to reduce the waste and cost of this trial while still keeping the patients and their safety at the center of their concerns. This led them to suggest relevant scenarios challenging aspects of the trial design that were then discussed with all departments involved. The various scenarios brought up by N-SIDE's team and AstraZeneca's Study Design Specialist touched on three important characteristics of the trial design:

  • The prediction of the randomization visit
  • The way to cover potential titrations
  • The kit design

Read the case study to learn what they discovered and see the results they managed to reach. Overall, not only did they manage to reduce both the cost and drug waste levels of this study but some changes helped decrease the risk of missed dispensing for the patients as well.




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