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What is clinical supply chain software?

As clinical trials become more complex and expensive, it becomes even more important that they go smoothly from the start. Thankfully, clinical supply chain...

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Drug development timeline acceleration strategies for clinical operations

It’s no secret that clinical trial timelines are getting longer. As trials become more global and protocols and therapeutics become more complex, clinical...

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What is clinical trial supply optimization?

Clinical trial supply optimization is the process of supplying the right amount of investigational medicinal product (IMP) and comparators to all trial sites so...

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Optimize comparator sourcing in clinical trials by reducing overage

Defining a cost-effective comparator sourcing strategy has become one of the biggest clinical trial sourcing challenges.

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How to Reduce the Risk of a Drug Shortage in Your Clinical Trial

Drug supply shortages are one of the biggest challenges in clinical trial supply management. They’re also unsettlingly common: In a poll conducted by N-SIDE, 83%...

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Five surprising benefits of risk-based optimization

Discover five unexpected benefits of risk-based optimization for clinical supply management!

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Strategic dashboard

Deep dive into your clinical trial data with the N-SIDE Strategic Dashboard!

Are you struggling to smartly aggregate your clinical supply data ? Do you want to transform this data into actionable insights?

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Join us at Clinical Trial Supply 2020 – Virtual Experience

Join us at the digital edition of the Clinical Trial Supply conference. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the event will be hosted virtually :

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Feature image: N-SIDE solution to maximize the supply friendliness of clinical trial protocol

Maximize the supply friendliness of your clinical trial protocol – start optimizing at protocol design!

Critical decisions are taken during protocol design. It is essential to maintain patient centricity and respect site constraints, but it is also an opportunity...

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