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Clinical trial forecasting and planning activities are extremely challenging. This is partly because the rising complexity and frequent changes in protocols lead to a high level of uncertainty in the trials.

Our clinical trial supply solutions can simulate the complexities and uncertainties of protocols. It generates accurate demand forecasts and robust supply chain strategies, minimizing waste while ensuring no stockouts.

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Our solutions will enable you to optimize your supply strategy thanks to:

  • Risk-based optimization
  • Scenario testing
  • Live monitoring

With more than 12,000 clinical trials optimized over 20+ years, N-SIDE offers a unique solution to plan your complex clinical supply strategies. N-SIDE combines deep clinical supply chain expertise with advanced mathematics packaged into easy to use and cutting-edge solutions to streamline your clinical trials: forecast and plan clinical supply, mitigate risks, leverage IRT, and curb drug waste.


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The N-SIDE Supply App is the only solution that adds a risk-based optimization approach to clinical supply forecasting. With our help, you can achieve true clinical trial supply optimization. Don't waste any more time and contact our team now!

Our solutions are already trusted most by pharmaceutical companies around the world. With a low implementation cost and a quick deployment time, trusting us with your clinical trial supply needs will bring considerable value and quick return on investment on your CTS budget! Are you ready to make a difference? 

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The main goal of the team is to overcome emerging challenges in oncology clinical trails (in terms of cost, waste and time) through smart planning and forecasting solutions.

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The N-SIDE Supply App

The N-SIDE Supply App is the only solution that adds a risk-based optimization approach to clinical supply forecasting.

Make data-driven decisions about overage, packaging, sourcing, IRT setup, depot shipments, and more, all while measuring the precise impact of these decisions on patient service level and budgets.

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