Get an insider view from experts in clinical supply management for oncology trials

In this exclusive webinar, developed by our team of experts, you will learn from the very people who are responsible for optimally satisfying oncology patient demand every day.

You will have a better understanding of how clinical supply optimization algorithms, such as the N-SIDE Supply App, streamline and support the proactive management of oncology clinical supply.

We'll begin with the basics and progress to more advanced details behind different oncology trials we have worked with.


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Oncology trials: supply chain planning doesn't have to be that complex!


What will you get out of it?

  • Understand the challenges associated with the clinical supply of oncology trials.
  • Enhance your knowledge on clinical supply.
  • Understand the impact that small changes in your trial design or IRT settings can have on your patients, waste and associated costs.
  • Anticipate future challenges and learn how to effectively manage them.
  • Or simply enjoy an in-depth conversation about the oncology clinical supply with industry professionals.

Your speakers

Amaury Jeandrain Senior Director Solutions Engineering & Partnerships
Maxime Derep Senior Solutions Engineer
Jake Levine Solutions Engineer
Marine du Jardin APAC Regional Manager & Partnerships Lead

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