Curb drug waste and improve your clinical trial strategy

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Mégane Noirfalise

An average of 95% of clinical supply managers face some level of supply risk during their trials. Moreover, supply chain bottlenecks can generate 2 to 4 months of delays in the drug development timeline.

They are many factors that contribute to bottlenecks in the supply chain, including the increasing complexity of clinical trial designs, the shorter products shelf lives in innovative treatments, a severe shortage of manufacturing resources, etc.

The number of new clinical trials growing exponentially, long manufacturing processes and high levels of waste are all impacting the clinical trial supply chain management. It is undeniable that drug waste reduction will be the next decade's critical challenge for clinical trials. But what can clinical supply chain manager do to curb these risks?

One way to achieve this is to reduce your global level of waste. In turn, you can also discover how drug waste reduction can accelerate drug development timeline and help streamline your supply chains. Solutions like the N-SIDE exist to help you achieve better results and a less stressful clinical trial strategy management.


Download this infographic to learn about the different challenges you might face and how you can streamline your clinical trial strategy thanks to the help of our technology. Waste mitigation and all its associated rewards can indeed be achieved with N-SIDE's clinical supply solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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Mégane Noirfalise

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