Sustainability in Clinical Supplies:
why is it an emergency ?



Dec 5, 2022


Online event


3pm - 4pm (CET)
9am - 10am (ET)


In this webinar,

  • Discover how to navigate KPIs and trends that will strongly impact the future of clinical supply chain
  • Discover how sustainability, ethics, waste reduction and faster timelines enable each other
  • Discover what changes can be conducted in biopharma organisations to anticipate these changes
  • Through case studies, we will illustrate the topics discussed and presented during the presentation

Webinar Recap

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About the speakers

Amaury Jeandrain Senior Director, Solutions Engineering & Partnerships

Within his 8 years in clinical trial supply, Amaury’s objective has been to revolutionise planning and systems to make clinical supply chain more efficient, more ethical, less wasteful and more patient-centric. Through his experience acquired on hundreds of trials, Amaury has developed an expertise in supply optimization, forecasting, clinical, IRT configuration and risk management.

Jake Levine Solutions Engineer

Jake Levine is a Solutions Engineer at N-SIDE. His experience in clinical supply expanded quickly by solving day-to-day supply challenges of biopharma companies. He is passionate about utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the clinical supply industry and, ultimately, improve patients’ health. Jake received his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Systems Engineering from Lehigh University where he developed a strong interest in healthcare and biopharmaceutical market disruption, with a patient-centric approach.

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