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What is a clinical trial supply risk management plan?

When we talk about risk management in clinical trial supply, we’re usually referring to two types of risk:

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Meet N-SIDE’s Team of Experts on Oncology Clinical Trials

Interview by N-SIDE’s Growth Marketing Coordinator, Donokhon Abulkasimova Did you know that N-SIDE has a special team of experts, who power innovation in...

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What's the average time to bring a drug to market in 2022?

COVID vaccines and antivirals sped through clinical trials and regulatory approvals in record time. But these records are even more impressive when you...

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Why clinical trial timelines are getting longer (and how to fix it)

The development of COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year from when the virus was first sequenced was a monumental achievement. Antiviral medications for COVID...

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How AI & Machine Learning Are Improving Clinical Trial Forecasting

Clinical trials are becoming more complex. New types of therapy like biologics and personalized medicine, as well as treatments targeting rare diseases, create...

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Strategic dashboard

Deep dive into your clinical trial data with the N-SIDE Strategic Dashboard!

Are you struggling to smartly aggregate your clinical supply data ? Do you want to transform this data into actionable insights?

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Join us at Clinical Trial Supply 2020 – Virtual Experience

Join us at the digital edition of the Clinical Trial Supply conference. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the event will be hosted virtually :

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Feature image: N-SIDE solution to maximize the supply friendliness of clinical trial protocol

Maximize the supply friendliness of your clinical trial protocol – start optimizing at protocol design!

Critical decisions are taken during protocol design. It is essential to maintain patient centricity and respect site constraints, but it is also an opportunity...

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