Optimizing a vaccine trial with the N-SIDE Supply App

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Although vaccine trials are far from the first candidates pharmaceutical companies have in mind when thinking about clinical trial supply optimization, there's actually a huge impact to be made there!

We recently collaborated with a biotech partner to optimize a Phase III vaccine trial for a respiratory disease. Thanks to our past work with vaccine trials, we've discovered the characteristics of vaccine trials that lead to high waste levels. They can be put into 4 main categories:

  • Fast recruitment
  • Short screening periods
  • Long shipping lead times
  • Shipment boxes

Thanks to our solutions, our biotech partner was able to test multiple what-if scenarios using a digital twin of their trial and identify the best solutions to reduce waste. The case study details the solutions they implemented to reduce their overage from 500% to 140%.

By quantifying the impact of decisions through technology and analytics, our partner was able to make informed decisions and significantly reduce the drug waste levels of their trial.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the real-world impact of clinical trial supply optimization and read the case study now.



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