Let's meet up at Proventa's Clinical Trial Supply Chain Strategy Meeting 2022

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Mégane Noirfalise

Join us at Proventa's 5th annual Strategy Meeting in Boston on May 19. 

The N-SIDE Life Sciences team will be at the next CTSC Strategy Meeting on May 19, 2022. Come meet us to learn about our end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization and our software solution, the N-SIDE Suite.

  • WHEN? May 19 | Starting time: From 08:00 AM EDT
  • WHERE? Le Meridien, Cambridge Boston

Our Life Sciences Director, Sébastien Coppe will be leading two roundtables to discuss how to face some of the current CSC management challenges.

During his first roundtable, he will be: 

"Discussing effective strategies to leverage IRT to improve clinical trial supply chain efficiency"

It will be a great opportunity to exchange on the following points:

  • Are higher IRT buffers always the safer strategy? Deep dive into how alignment between packaging, depot management and IRT setup is key to a successful implementation of a lean supply chain.

  • Striving for a truly hands-off site resupply. Discuss how creative IRT design can drastically decrease the need for site monitoring and manual adjustments.

  • Do we really know how our partner’s resupply algorithms work? Sub-optimal IRT configurations lead to millions in avoidable spend every year for large pharma. Discuss how to bridge that gap.

In the afternoon, you can find Sébastien to talk about:

"Technology as an enabler for clinical supplies to move at Lightspeed"

During this roundtable, you will be able touch on several interesting points such as:

  • Understand which learnings can be derived from the current pandemic for more efficient clinical development.

  • Anticipate the main supply chain bottlenecks if one wants to reduce drug development timelines.

  • Discuss how advanced analytics can help assess the robustness (e.g. to clinical changes) of your end-to-end supply chain strategy.

  • Engage clinical leadership team by offering SC flexibility to speed up clinical plans - while keeping inventories low.

  • Find out how a collaborative, data-driven approach enables pharma companies to reach the best compromise between risk, time and investments for their drug development plans. How to identify, locate, and quantify risks.

If you want to meet us there, we have the opportunity to give out a couple of free passes! Contact us for more information.

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About Proventa

Proventa International’s Clinical Strategy Meetings avoid the pitfalls of a typical conference, by providing the right environment for pharma and biotechs to make those important connections through interactive roundtable discussions, exclusive networking and keynote panel debates. Join us in Boston along with a host of clinical professionals from across the East Coast, to discover new insights and take your company’s mission to the next level.


Sébastien Coppe Life Sciences Director

Sébastien Coppe has been leading the N-SIDE Life Sciences activities for 8 years, providing optimization services to more than 50 pharmaceutical companies. He has been supporting them in their change management journey towards digitalization and in implementing and benefitting from using an advanced analytics communication platform. He is passionate about increasing Pharma R&D efficiency through artificial intelligence, waste reduction, end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization and proactive risk assessment for patients. Sébastien has a Master of Engineering in Applied Mathematics. He obtained his PhD by creating a pre-diagnostic tool for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia, by designing some mathematical modelling of the patients’ brain behaviour.

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Mégane Noirfalise

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