Understanding the differences between Simplicity and Reliability in Clinical Supply Forecasting

Forecasting tools don’t include several important factors, which can lead to less reliable results. Inaccurate forecasts threaten supply continuity, can lead to large amounts of drug waste and, in some cases, be risks to patient health.

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Increasing uncertainty in clinical trials creates the need for robust forecasting tools

Trial supply managers are facing, in addition to increased trial complexity, variability surrounding patients, timelines, and team alignment. In order to fight these uncertainties, forecasting tools need to be as developed as possible and should…

  • Include details such as depot shipment, sourcing, packaging, and IRT configuration
  • Provide a threshold within which the model is confident that the forecasted strategy is valid
  • Be connected to real-time trial data and be up to date at all times

Understanding forecasting and optimization in clinical trials

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Our solution:

the N-SIDE Supply App


N-SIDE offers the only clinical trial supply optimization solution capable of accurately modelling all trial designs, while correctly assessing the trial uncertainty and providing a reliable forecast and supply chain strategy that minimizes risk and waste. The Supply App supports all stages of the clinical trial lifecycle for increased reliability, including designing, planning and monitoring.

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