Assessing the impact of assumptions
on Clinical Supply Planning

And their consequence on drug waste, costs and patient risk.


September 28, 2021


Online event


4pm - 5pm (CET)
10am - 11pm (ET)


What you’ll learn in this webinar

  • That misused assumptions cause more than 20% of your drug waste and risk
  • What are the most relevant assumptions required for a robust forecast 
  • The impact each assumption has on the supply chain forecasts and patients
  • Typical mistakes: How to avoid pitfalls and efficiently work with limited data
  • Tips & tricks: How to get more accurate assumptions in no time

N-SIDE shares its experience optimizing thousands of trials, to help your pharma organization make better use of your data and deliver more accurate clinical supply forecasts. Through case studies, navigate the impact data and assumptions on your forecast, drug waste and patient risk, and learn how to make better use of the limited data shared with you.

About the Speakers

Amaury Jeandrain
Amaury Jeandrain Head of Life Sciences Solutions Adoption

Head of Life Sciences Solutions Adoption, Amaury Jeandrain is an expert in Clinical trial supply and manufacturing optimization. He started his career in clinical supply chain working for a CMO before joining N-SIDE. In his 5 years of experience at N-SIDE, Amaury supported the optimization of hundreds of trials and programs from different indications and pharmaceutical companies, providing services ranging from risk-based optimization to clinical trial design and solving drug supply shortage problems. Amaury now leads a group of consultants, focusing on the Adoption of N-SIDE's solutions.

Antoine Remiot
Antoine Remiot Life Sciences Senior Consultant

Antoine Remiot has been sharing his enthusiasm and technical advice to various pharma partners, helping them tackle clinical trial supply challenges and solve drug shortage. He truly enjoys complex situations where he can use his skills to solve tricky problems. Antoine has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on optimization. After working for various optimization software companies in the aeronautical market, he joined N-SIDE to focus on new pharma companies.

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