Don't miss our talk at Arena CTS Europe in Madrid!

Arena CTS EU - Madrid, march 22-23 2022
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Cécile Lapôtre

Come meet the N-SIDE Life Sciences team at booth n°46 at the Arena CTS Europe Madrid event!

The N-SIDE Life Sciences team will be at the next Arena CTS Europe Conference in Madrid on March 22nd and 23rd of 2022. Come meet us at booth n°46 to learn all you need to know about end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization and our optimization software, the N-SIDE Suite 

  • WHEN? March 22-23 | Starting time: From 08:30AM CET
  • WHERE? Novotel Madrid Center Hotel

To know more about what we do, you can join Life Sciences experts Sébastien Coppe and Amaury Jeandrain during their presentation in the Clinical Supply, Innovation & Technology stream on Day 1 at 11:30AM where they will talk about:

"Doing more with less: how supply and manufacturing contribute to faster clinical trial timelines."

This talk will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the following:

  • With pharma and biotechs’ ambitions to do more with less, the supply chain easily becomes the center of attention in the attempt to supply trials faster, more efficiently and with lower waste levels;
  • Reacting to last minute updates with pressure to perform fast, while having to deal with supply chain constraints is becoming more common;
  • Learn how cross-departmental decision-making in the clinical trial supply, protocol design, upstream manufacturing saves time, drug, costs and ensures all patients are treated at all times;
  • Through case studies, we will illustrate the reasons why the supply chain is one of the key enablers of faster time to market, with a 2-6 months acceleration in a program.

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