N-SIDE welcomes Sandrine Dury as new Life Sciences Managing Director

Image showing a picture of Sandrine Dury the new N-SIDE Life Sciences Managing Director
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Mégane Noirfalise

Sandrine Dury arrives at N-SIDE this November to take the lead of its Life Sciences Business Unit

Louvain-la-Neuve, November 23 - N-SIDE, a leading provider of software and services that enables organizations in the life sciences and energy industries to make better decisions and optimize the use of critical resources, proudly announces the appointment of Sandrine Dury as the new Managing Director of its Life Sciences Business Unit. The company combines deep industrial expertise with applied mathematics and artificial intelligence to support its customers. In the Life Sciences industry, this means empowering clinical supply leaders to make better, faster, and safer decisions by optimizing their clinical supply strategy leading to more efficient clinical trials. Sandrine, a Belgian citizen with strong international experience, will lead the department's ambition of making it a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector and the number 1 partner of pharmaceutical sponsors for their clinical supply chain planning, forecasting, and optimization. 

Sandrine is no stranger to the pharmaceutical world and brings a wealth of expertise with her. Her background in engineering in applied mathematics together with her MBA from Standford University launched her on an impressive and diverse professional journey. After starting her professional life in the finance sector, she went on to work in strategic consulting before finally entering the pharmaceutical industry. Before joining N-SIDE, she had been with Bristol Myers Squibb for over 7 years. She held various positions and most recently worked as a Growth Strategy Project Director.

As the newly appointed Managing Director, Sandrine will assume responsibility for leading the Life Sciences team and overseeing P&L activities. Her primary focus will revolve around helping customers improve the way they plan, forecast, and optimize their clinical trial supplies.




“Our mission at N-SIDE is to make the world a better place by helping pharma companies help more patients prevail over serious diseases in the most efficient & sustainable way.”

Sandrine Dury, Life Sciences Managing Director


Innovation, engagement, and collaboration are the keywords of the next few months

N-SIDE remains committed to providing innovative solutions and expertise to empower organizations within the life sciences sector. Sandrine's leadership is poised to further elevate the company's offerings and continue delivering exceptional value to clients. In the forthcoming weeks, Sandrine is eager to engage with stakeholders, including clients, partners, and the N-SIDE community, fostering collaborative relationships and driving innovation in line with the company's vision. N-SIDE extends a warm welcome to Sandrine as she steps into this pivotal role, marking a new chapter of growth, innovation, and continued excellence.



“I am extremely happy to welcome Sandrine in the executive team of N-SIDE. With a lot of very successful leadership experiences in the Life Science industry, she will certainly foster the further growth of our Life Science Business Unit.”

Philippe Chevalier, CEO


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