Adapting Commercial Supply Chain Practices for Clinical Trial Success


Date & Time

November 14, 2023 


In this insightful webinar we will discuss the latest advancements and strategies in supply chain planning and how to tailor them to the unique requirements of clinical trials, for patient demand satisfaction keeping costs and waste levels under control.

What you’ll take home

  • Discover how planners are adapting to new trends, such as technology integration, sustainability considerations, and collaboration, to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of clinical supplies while prioritizing patient safety.

  • Gain insights into the future of clinical supply chain planning and leave with actionable takeaways to implement in your own CTS planning.

  • Get to know how N-SIDE can support you in capturing the unique requirements of clinical trials with our planning platform, Lighthouse.

Your speakers

Cyrille Lefèvre Product Development Principal, Life sciences
Pauline Deplasse Associate Director of Strategy, Life Sciences
Daniel Caramore Account Executive, Life Sciences Revenue
AJE-G (1)
Amaury Jeandrain VP Strategy, Life Sciences

Download the webinar handout and replay!