International Day of Women and Girls in Science: N-SIDE celebrates the daily commitment of its female colleagues!

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Doménica Torres

On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are especially proud to celebrate the daily commitment of our female colleagues to helping N-SIDE achieve its mission of empowering customers by developing and improving our innovative analytics solutions.

N-SIDE’s success and growth is without a doubt the result of the collaboration and efforts of each and every employee, many of which are young female mathematicians and software engineers, who develop and improve our solutions through advanced analytics.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was first established in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly. Celebrated on February 11, this day recognizes the essential role that women and girls play in science and technology, and encourages societies to further promote equal participation in and access to science for women and girls. As a company with a growing percentage of women working on the development of our solutions and the promotion of our business, we could not let this day pass by without highlighting that the milestones achieved throughout the years would not have been possible without the collaboration and arduous work of our female colleagues.

Being a woman in the DevOps industry has been an amazing experience for me since the beginning. Within N-SIDE, I have always felt equality in all aspects, even if I am the only woman in my team as of now. Nonetheless, we are always looking for new talents, so hopefully we will soon have more female colleagues joining the DevOps Team!

Raoudha Lagha, DevOps Engineer at N-SIDE


Equality of opportunity as a key value at N-SIDE

At N-SIDE, we thrive on the fact that not only a notable percentage of our employees are women, but also in knowing that the development of our advanced analytics solutions and the success of our business highly relies on promoting inclusion and equality of opportunity among everyone within our teams. Not only are our female colleagues extremely talented and hard-working, but they also count with the support and commitment of the rest of their colleagues. Besides encouraging them at their work, they foment a work culture that ensures that equality and respect are present at all times at N-SIDE.

I was among the first women at N-SIDE, and I actually barely noticed it! I’ve always been passionate about my work, about technology and applied mathematics, and I felt right at home here at N-SIDE since day one. Our diversity – in all kinds of ways – is what makes us stronger! Safe to say that being a mom and a leader requires some juggling, but I have always been able to count on my colleagues’ support no matter what!

Sophie Marquet, Energy Product Director at N-SIDE


N-SIDE’s commitment to equality

N-SIDE’s Energy and Life Sciences advanced analytics solutions have had a significant effect in both clinical trial supply chain management and Energy optimization by simplifying and improving decision-making processes. This success has given us the possibility to open new positions and continue to grow, always while ensuring that the potential future new hires share our main ideals of diversity, commitment, and transparency

We will continue to place a strong emphasis on diversity, equality, and participation of women in our recruitment processes, always looking forward to welcoming remarkable people who can contribute to the improvement of the capacities of our solutions, and at the same time who will promote all our values.

We are proud of counting on strong female figures contributing to and leading our teams. We look forward to encouraging them to continue collaborating in a space where they can thrive for no reason other than the fact that their capabilities and achievements speak for themselves.


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