Decrease clinical trial supply chain waste even more with the N-SIDE Supply App refined algorithm

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François Gillet

On average, between 55-75% of drugs are wasted in clinical trials. Overproduction has historically been accepted in clinical supply and manufacturing processes but it seems hardly sustainable in the long run. With global shortages of manufacturers, trends towards complex biologic drugs, and increasing prices of raw materials, a solution is needed to retire this unsustainable practice.

Thanks to its advanced algorithm, the N-SIDE Supply App provides recommendations for clinical trial supply that can decrease drug waste without introducing risk for patients. It efficiently calculates the drug quantities needed to cover any potential risk of missing a dispensation during the trial while also minimizing overproduction. This in turn helps prevent supply bottlenecks.

In recent years, N-SIDE optimization experts noticed new constraints that impact clinical supplies including:

  • IMP released with shorter shelf lives

  • Shelf life requirements on shipments (e.g., 12 months remaining shelf lives constraint)

As these constraints intensify, efficient management of the clinical trial supply chain becomes increasingly crucial, particularly when dealing with tight overlaps between the expiration of one product lot and the introduction of its replacement.

Clinical trials evolve and so does our solution. Our resupply algorithm has been refined to enhance its performance in response to evolving realities in clinical trial supply, including the challenges of shorter shelf lives and stricter shipment constraints.

As a consequence, trials optimized with the Supply App may benefit from:

  • A decrease in production quantities, resulting in less overall waste.

  • A decrease of shipping quantities and frequency.

All of this can potentially result in a decrease of the trial budget and an increased sustainability while creating no risk for patients.

Efficient resource management in clinical trials is more crucial than ever. Achieve true clinical trial supply optimization with the N-SIDE Supply App.

About the Author

François holds a PhD in Biology and has spent several years working in clinical trial supply chain optimization. Recently, François has taken on the role of Documentation Expert. In this position, he details the methods and solutions developed by the N-SIDE Life Sciences Product department. Drawing from a solid academic background and practical experience, François ensures clear communication of these solutions for their potential application in future clinical trials.

François Gillet