The unexpected drivers of waste in
clinical trial manufacturing

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June 24, 2021


Online event


4pm - 5pm (CET)
10am - 11pm (ET)


The period from preclinical through commercialization comes with a lot of unpredictability and challenges for all organizations. Although buffers are needed to meet the developmental needs and patient supply requirements, a lot of waste in clinical manufacturing can be pro-actively avoided by using a more global approach, better controlling your risk at every level, and making data-driven decisions.

In this webinar, we will focus on which decisions can cause overlooked drug waste and how biotechs and pharma organizations can make the most effective use of their manufacturing capabilities and budgets.


Join us to learn how:

  • Localized decisions can have very detrimental impacts on the global efficiency of your supply chain;

  • Globalizing and controlling buffers in an end-to-end way can help minimize waste;

  • Decisions and processes that are often seen as fixed and unchangeable can be challenged and consequently yield considerable benefits;

  • N-SIDE has been able to drastically increase usage rates, therefore accelerating time to market and reducing clinical budgets through optimization, facts and collaboration.



Pauline Deplasse

Pauline Deplasse

Head of Life Sciences User Engagement

Pauline joined N-SIDE as a consultant and has since been helping a growing number of sponsor partners make better and more informed decisions on their clinical trial manufacturing and distribution. She now manages a team of consultants who grow the engagement of our partners and users with N-SIDE’s consulting services and solutions. Pauline holds a Master in Business Engineering and has extensive international experience.

Cyrille Lefevre - CLE

Cyrille Lefèvre

Life Sciences Senior Expert

Cyrille Lefèvre has been working on the optimization of end-to-end clinical supplies with N-SIDE for more than 8 years. He has experience advising both large and small pharma for the forecasting and optimization of their clinical trials for all phases and through multiple therapeutic areas. Cyrille also has extensive experience training teams focusing on strategic planning and improving IRT resupply algorithms and the way they are used.

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