Designing a clinical trial:
Tips and tricks to streamline your
clinical supply chain



Sept 27, 2022


Online event


3pm - 4pm (CEST)
9am - 10am (EDT)


With pharma and biotechs’ ambitions to do more with less, the supply chain quickly becomes the center of attention in the attempt to supply trials faster, more efficiently, and with lower waste levels.


In this webinar,

  • Discover how some often overlooked parameters (such as kit design, vendor selection, visit schedule, titration scheme, country selection…) can have a significant impact on IMP waste and supply risk.
  • Through case studies, we will give tips and tricks to improve trial designs while maintaining the same level of patient centricity.

Webinar Recap

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About the speakers

Antoine Remiot Life Sciences Senior Consultant

Antoine Remiot has been sharing his enthusiasm and technical advice to various pharma partners, helping them tackle clinical trial supply challenges and solve drug shortage. He truly enjoys complex situations where he can use his skills to solve tricky problems. Antoine has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on optimization. After working for various optimization software companies in the aeronautical market, he joined N-SIDE to focus on new pharma companies.

Alexis Davin Clinical Supply Optimization Specialist

Alexis Davin is a clinical optimization specialist at N-SIDE and a volunteer at the GCSG. His experience in clinical supply expanded quickly by solving day-to-day supply challenges of biopharma companies. He is passionate about how digitalization can improve the clinical supply industry and, ultimately, impact patients’ health. Alexis is also supporting the development of new digital solutions to solve supply chain issues in clinical trials, which offers him a strategic view on industry trends and internal processes.

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