Accelerating time to market through clinical supply and manufacturing optimization

Hear from Biotech industry experts how challenges in clinical trial supply and manufacturing can be overcome with innovative software solutions.

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Turning data into
actionable insights

Taking a data-based approach allows companies to proactively identify issues, remove any supply chain-related bottlenecks and reduce significantly the time to market.

  • Provides a holistic perspective of the supply and demand picture.
  • Reevaluate all clinical assumptions using machine learning technologies to increase forecast accuracy.
  • Optimize the use of your resources and develop forecasts that you can trust.
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Case study: Optimized clinical manufacturing plan accelerates clinical program

N-SIDE recently optimized the clinical trials manufacturing plan for a key biological compound with limited manufacturing resources. With the optimized plan, the biotech company was able to speed up the recruitment for multiple studies and add a new Phase 3 trial to the program. Download the whitepaper for details.

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