End-to-end clinical supply chain optimization helps bring drugs to market faster

With a growing global population, speeding up drug development timelines is of paramount importance for all pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Thanks to innovative software solutions it’s now possible to make better decisions at each stage of the clinical supply chain.

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Curbing drug waste

Some drug overage is always necessary to avoid stockouts that could put patients as risk and impact the success of the trial. Clinical trial wastage rates are currently averaging between 55-75% and the manufacture of unnecessary drug products extends trial timelines.

End-to-end optimization will help clinical supply teams make better decisions that minimize required overage by:

  • Breaking down silos
  • Bringing more visibility to the whole clinical trial supply chain
  • Leveraging real-time clinical trial data
  • Freeing up manufacturing resources

Everyone benefits from optimization

Reducing waste means that the whole clinical research process can be sped up. New sites can be opened sooner, additional depots can be established and manufacturing capacity and resources can be reallocated to allow future trials to start earlier.

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