N-SIDE Solutions Update

Features Update



Gain more autonomy as an Advanced User

As an Advanced User, you can now update references of data sets you are a contributor of (except the Master data)  in order to run scenarios with the most recent information.

Moreover, to prevent you from being blocked during a reevaluation (in case a Power User is unavailable) we decided to give you additional unrestricted and restricted rights. For restricted rights, a lock mechanism is introduced in order to make a clear distinction between what can be edited by an Advanced User and what should normally be edited by a Power user. 

As an Advanced User, with those additional rights, you can now:

  • Model new information during a trial reevaluation (e.g., new location, lead time, drop-out, titrations, dose level, buffer levels).
  • Resolve errors coming from the IRT integration that were previously preventing you from creating an initial state and opening the Monitoring Dashboard.
  • Duplicate and edit any setup (except the “IRT configuration” tab in the IRT setup which still needs to be updated by a Power user).

Ease the categorization of trials by using labels


You can now categorize and identify your trials with labels, whether they are pre-defined labels (status or therapeutic area) or custom labels directly created from the new trials view. Thanks to this new view, you can now access all trials in one single place and search them to quickly find the trial of interest.

In addition, you can now filter and order your results with the same functionalities as in the other tables, select all or several results to delete them at once and select data from the table to copy/paste it in an Excel file.

Perform a global waste retrospective analysis through a new dashboard

The new Global performance dashboard offers a:

  • Past records of waste metrics across all trials and at trial level with a package type granularity
  • Forecasted waste analysis

So that you can now:

  • Analyze the waste evolution across your trials
  • Track and identify trial waste deviations

This new dashboard gathers and uses the waste information from decisions.

Moreover, you can use status or therapeutic area labels (see section above) to bette analyze the performance of your trials. For example, you can focus on some therapeutic areas and ongoing trials or get the final view for completed trials.

Easily model kit switches


Create periods (e.g. before and after a kit switch) and define switches between periods to model dispensing periods that you can use to easily model kit switches.

Each period switch is defined by a start date that can be applied to one or several site groups and starts dates can differ between site groups.

Experience an improved shipment statistics reporting

Thanks to these improvements, you can now:

  • Experience better navigation and visuals (Results and Strategic dashboards)
  • Visualize your shipments in one single place (Results and Strategic dashboards)
  • Access a weekly granularity for site shipments at trial level (Results dashboard) and across multiple trials (Strategic dashboard)
  • Get a better understanding of your planned depot shipments information (Results dashboard)
  • Easily spot planned depot shipments that are not fulfilled (Results dashboard)
  • Enjoy a better readability of your next shipping plan (Results dashboard)