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Sébastien Coppe, our Life Sciences Director, will be facilitating the N-SIDE Virtual boardroom in collaboration with Proventa. The event will take place on June 30 at 3PM (CET) / 9AM (ET).

During this roundtable session, Sébastien Coppe will lead an interactive discussion on:

“How to speed up your clinical development through a streamlined clinical supply chain?”

When it comes to bringing a new drug to the market, the priority for pharma & biotech companies is to reduce the long clinical development timelines. During his roundtable, Sébastien Coppe will demonstrate how having the right technology and a data-driven approach will allow the clinical supply chain teams to proactively assess various scenarios and quickly adapt their supply strategy to avoid any bottlenecks.

Participants in this boardroom will :

  • Understand which learnings can be derived from the current pandemic for more efficient clinical development
  • Anticipate the main supply chain bottlenecks if one wants to reduce drug development timelines
  • Discuss how advanced analytics can help assess the robustness of an end-to-end supply chain strategy
  • Learn how to engage clinical leadership team by offering supply chain flexibility to speed up clinical plans  - while keeping inventories low
  • Find out how a collaborative, data-driven approach enables pharma companies to reach the best compromise between risk, time and investments for their drug development plans

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