How the N-SIDE Production App optimizes clinical manufacturing supply chain

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Melissa Cortvriendt

Our Life Sciences Director, Sébastien Coppe, was recently interviewed by BioProcess International and Clinical Trials Arena about the launch of the N-SIDE Production App and how it optimizes the manufacturing for clinical trial supply chain.

One of the top priorities for pharma companies is to reduce long clinical development timelines. With the current pandemic, the industry has been put under a lot of pressure to accelerate time to market even more.

The production planning of a clinical program can be very time-consuming and source of many bottlenecks. Speeding up timelines can be done by running multiple production activities in parallel, with extra flexibility and agility. But to manage the complexities and uncertainties that go along with the clinical trial manufacturing, it's important to rely on the right technology and a data-driven approach.

The Production App optimizes the manufacturing planning from drug substance and drug product to Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) and helps the clinical supply teams reach the best balance between budget, waste and timelines.

Do you want to learn more about our Production App, how it works, what benefits it brings and how it is integrated in the N-SIDE Suite to offer a true risk-based, end-to-end clinical trial supply chain optimization? Read Sébastien Coppe’s interview in BioProcess International!

Read the interview in Bio Process Int.


Do you want to know how the Production App helped a large pharma company decrease their manufacturing costs by €10.5 m and their waste by 10%? Find it out in Sébastien’s interview in Clinical Trials Arena!

Read the interview in Clinical Trials Arena


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The N-SIDE Production App gives you unprecedented flexibility to optimize manufacturing for your clinical projects.

Use the Production App to build and maintain an optimal clinical production plan that accounts for your specific constraints. Then use advanced analytics to model any what-if scenario,to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected changes.

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